Ideas and services
Saturated markets and interchangeable products are making it more and more difficult to develop successful product innovations. That's why our approach is one that includes tailor-made marketing concepts and shelf layouts.
Creativity without

When looking for innovations, we are always looking beyond the milk jug and taking inspiration from international markets and other product categories. In order to develop an idea from this, we also think about the impossible – perhaps we can make it possible!

This idea process is a key part of every employee's daily work. The result of this process is new combinations, such as sweets in the TopCup with our tasty puddings.

Individual concepts
from A to Z

When it comes to developing new tailor-made product ideas, we are the first point of contact for many of our customers because we know their product range inside out. We know what the consumer of tomorrow is expecting, but we also detect market gaps and even create new trends with the introduction of creative products.

As a full-service provider, our services range from suitable packaging to the right logistics as well as from appropriate marketing to ideal product placement in the chilled section.

Partners for the retail industry and its brands

The chilled section is the most valuable shelf space in the retail industry. Only concepts offering the dealer added value will be successful, and today that means more than just the individual product. For this reason, we think in terms of uniform concepts that suit each customer's private labels and product range strategy. 

We treat retail brands as if they were our own, meaning we also commission consumer studies in order to gain a better understanding of behaviour and needs of our consumers.

We think strategically

Empathy is the key to our success. We put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer in order to understand all of their needs:

what is their level of interest in a specific product category? How does the consumer interpret private labels, and how can we trigger this? Are there any price barriers?

Once we have answered all of these questions, we can create a product that is specifically targeted at a relevant consumer use. The result: product innovations with the potential to be successful!