Transparent supply chain
A large portion of our suppliers are owner-managed companies with whom we have had partnerships with for many years. Together, we guarantee a transparent supply chain and faultless quality assurance for our products.
Every bean is important

Only by using reliable and trustworthy partners who fully abide by strict guidelines can we ensure the quality of our products never fluctuates. Our coffee is sourced exclusively from sustainable plantations certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

That's why all our coffee products carry the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal. The certification proven by the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal means that coffee beans can be traced all the way back to their plantation. In addition, Rainforest Alliance-certified farms protect the environment and delicate eco-systems, and promote the acceptable living and working conditions for workers.  

The good stuff is just around the corner

We source our most important raw material – milk – fresh from regional producers daily. In doing so, we have maintained very close and trustworthy partnerships with some of our milk suppliers for decades.

This engagement in our own region has, amongst other things, led to the advantage that the short delivery routes generate as little CO₂ emissions as possible. This means we are protecting our most valuable resource: an intact environment, the basis for the best milk.

Quality, right from the start

Since the best quality begins at the source, we only consider the world's best farms. We exclusively trust our selected suppliers with whom we have established partnerships. 

So that the pure juice that is freshly squeezed straight after harvesting stays fresh until it reaches us, we rely on a cooled and efficient supply chain.

The economical processing of the fruits thereby guarantees that no natural quality is lost.