Our history

Our history

Gropper is a family business that has stood for visionary action and proximity to the customer since 1929. What began with a cheese dairy more than 90 years ago is now a successful midsize enterprise with more than 800 employees. Trends were identified early on and the company consistently proved itself sustainable with new ideas. Our gallery presents the most important milestones.


Heinrich Gropper takes over the cheese dairy and inn “Zum Eisenhammer” from his brother-in-law Johann Kaspar. He founds the “Molkerei Gropper” dairy in Berg, Donauwörth. 600 litres of milk are hauled daily from surrounding farms by horse and cart, and processed into butter and cheese.


Sales have tripled already. The dairy is expanded, the horse and cart replaced by a motor-car.


War damage to the buildings and machines is repaired. The start of the economic miracle years is accompanied by another modernisation. Up to 4,500 litres of milk are processed daily.


Well educated and full of vigour, Heinrich Gropper Senior joins his father’s company as Germany’s youngest dairy master at the age of 22. He takes over management just seven years later. Mr Gropper Senior becomes the sole executive in 1960.


A new building is constructed to make more room for progressive ideas and technologies. The family company’s proven, traditional craftsmanship is further developed under modern production conditions.


Our company founder Heinrich Gropper passes away at the age of 70.


Purchase of the dairy in Bissingen. After the facilities are converted, they commence operation and are continuously expanded in the years that follow. The direction for today’s source of ideas has been established.


The breakthrough of our dairy in the milk market as a specialist for the retail trade: thanks to the grasp of trendsetting developments established over the years, Gropper is Germany’s first dairy to implement a professional filling system for reusable bottles. The success is overwhelming, encouraging us to set new goals: up to 60,000 litres of milk are processed daily.


In the third generation, Heinrich Gropper Junior joins company management at the age of 27. He brings further innovative ideas with him into the company. With success, since Molkerei Gropper soon begins operating nationally.


As Gropper keeps generating fresh ideas and market demands keep growing, space gradually runs out in our dairy. We therefore put our second dairy building into operation on the outskirts of Bissingen after two years of planning and another 15 months of construction. This highly modern new structure perfectly combines our economic and ecological objectives.


Gropper identifies the regionality trend very early on. Consequently Munich’s traditional Deller brand is acquired in this context. The idea: marketing and especially positioning dairy products with an increased focus on regional aspects.


70 years have passed since our family business was founded. At 400,000 litres of milk daily, the processing volume is 12 times more compared to 1987. We are well positioned for success in coming years as well: the new high bay racking warehouse is commissioned and the SAP R/3 system is introduced.


To meet the increasing demands of the retail trade and actively participate in market conditions, production is expanded by two additional filling lines in the year 2000. Among other things, a system is installed for filling cups with a diameter of 95 mm, for example to satisfy the rising demand for milk beverages.


On his 70th birthday in July, Heinrich Gropper Senior steps down from company management. He enters his well-deserved retirement. Employees, customers, suppliers and friends celebrate the successful entrepreneur with a big party. Thus the second generation change is successfully realised: Heinrich Gropper Junior is now the sole executive.


Gropper identifies the potential for success behind future market demands, and specifically tailors its production conditions to meet them. A warehouse is built for raw materials, auxiliary materials and supplies, along with a new laboratory and office wing. Gropper begins producing PET bottles. This trendsetting technology with the most modern machine of its kind is another milestone in our company’s development.


Tremendous growth is generated thanks to the PET bottles. For the optimal management of finished goods, the high bay racking warehouse is expanded by 3,600 storage spaces. The second line for PET bottles is installed in our facilities in the autumn of the same year. Subsequently Gropper is the first company to commence the production of smoothies for trade brands.


Heinrich Gropper Senior passes away suddenly and unexpectedly on 25 July 2007.


During the year, Gropper once again responds to market demands in a timely manner: with the full commissioning of the small bottle plant (100ml), our dairy now has nine highly modern filling plants. The expansions begun in 2007 are completed.


On 10 and 11 July 2009, the dairy celebrates its 80-year anniversary with our customers, milk producers and suppliers. Direct juices are now also available from Gropper.

Our investments of around 30 million euros for building expansions and new facilities since 2007 pay off: the production capacity doubles.


A new cup filling plant commences operation in January of 2010. Gropper has now entered the dessert segment as well.


Two new filling plants are added just one year later. One plant for filling gable top cartons and a cup filling plant.


We drastically reduce CO2 emissions for the benefit of our environment and reduce our energy costs with the construction of our own cogeneration plant. Simultaneously Gropper begins covering its own electricity demand, thereby meeting its commitment to the responsible use of resources.


Additional space for the storage of finished goods, picking and seven loading ramps are created with the construction of our logistics centre.


By expanding our cogeneration plant with a second natural gas fired motor, we are now able to cover 95 per cent of our own energy demand – with an efficiency factor of around 90 per cent.


In order to expand its capacity for direct juices, Gropper takes over a second production site on western Lake Constance in Stockach. Our new warehouse for raw materials, auxiliary materials and supplies is also constructed in Bissingen this year, with an additional 2,000 pallet storage spaces. Our new pail and inline sleeve packaging machine is commissioned at this production site as well, and the tank capacities are expanded. Nevertheless, we at Gropper naturally take the time for a major anniversary party: our Bissingen location celebrates 20 years! A great occasion to celebrate...one of many more to come.

July 2016

Production capabilities are expanded on the factory premises in Bissingen: two additional juice tanks are commissioned in July of 2016. They occupy the last two available filling station spots.

November 2016

Stockach operating at full capacity: with the commissioning of the second filling line and the refrigerated ramp as well as full automation of the finished goods warehouse, all construction stages in Stockach have now been completed. Construction of the entire site was 100 per cent completed in just two years.

Beginning of 2017

Gropper once again invests in its main location of Bissingen: A new building section is completed at the start of 2017, home to a cafeteria, offices and change rooms. Meanwhile more than 650 people work at the Bissingen site.


Our high bay racking warehouse is enlarged again in a third expansion stage. It is commissioned on 1 April 2018. Overall there are now more than 15,000 pallet storage spaces at the Bissingen site – all of them properly refrigerated.

Our joint venture in Moers is officially launched on July 1st. We now operate Moers Frischeprodukte GmbH there jointly with Dr. Oetker. Additional production capacities are created with this step, laying the foundation for our further growth.


Molkerei Gropper celebrates its 90-year anniversary in May of 2019 – with many of its partners from past years and all the employees.

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