Dairy products

Dairy products

Milk – our classic

You can taste our love of milk. Which is why you will find our products as trade brands at numerous renowned retailers across Europe. We process conventional and organic milk, exclusively from our suppliers in southern Germany. Our close partnerships with many of our dairy farmers were established decades ago. All of our suppliers use only non-GMO feed and subject themselves to strict audits. Our milk consistently meets the requirements of the VLOG (Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik e.V./Association Food without Genetic Engineering) and is labelled accordingly. For us, that is sustainability put into practice, since we jointly pursue a high standard: consistently delivering the best quality.

Yoghurt – the popular all-rounder

Yoghurt is enjoyed by young and old around the clock. That demands variety and great diversity. We pay special attention to identifying future nutrition trends and consumer preferences, and strive to implement them in new product concepts. All possibilities are considered in development. From the fat or fruit content of a yoghurt to the use of top cups with additional fruit, cereal or sweets in the lid.

Desserts – tasty little treats

Everyone likes a treat, and not just after meals. We create tasty, enjoyable desserts that meet the highest quality standards. And because every moment of indulgence is unique, we offer far more than just a large selection of flavour variations. We think further and also allow ourselves to be inspired by other product categories. The pudding with sweets in the top cup is our best example. More than tasty!

Mixed drinks – cool refreshment in between

Milk does more. Our mixed milk beverages are proof: as a shake or drink, they are the ideal companion for in between. Our packaging solutions are as varied as our day-to-day lives. From the resealable PET bottle to the drinking cup with slip lid. And because the most natural solution is best when it comes to the contents, we only use natural flavours for our diverse selection of milk beverages.

Cream – essential in the kitchen

You will find it in every well-stocked kitchen – cream. It refines dishes and is ideal for thickening sauces. As whipped cream, it makes cake even more enjoyable or conjures creamy white clouds over coffee. Cream is a popular all-rounder. Our cream is as versatile as your uses for it: it is available with varying fat content in cups or PET bottles for optimal portioning.

Organic? Of course!

Organic foods produced according to strict ecological criteria are increasingly gaining popularity among consumers. Even discounters have made organic products a permanent part of their product range today. Our organic milk comes exclusively from organic farmers in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, with whom we maintain close partnerships. We are one of Germany’s largest processors today, handling an annual volume of about 75 million kilograms of organic milk.

From the region – traditionally

Regional products continue to be the number one consumer topic. As a family business with deep roots in our homeland, regionality has always shaped our company’s history. We impose the highest requirements on products from the region in collaboration with our suppliers and are dedicated to meeting the strictest standards: we guarantee maximum safety with the “Geprüfte Qualität Bayern” or “Regionalfenster” seal.

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