“We have to look after our planet and preserve it for the children of today. Here at Gropper, we are therefore committed to operating in a climate-neutral manner.”

Heinrich Gropper

Our milestones for climate protection

Since 1998
We were one of the first dairies in Europe to become certified to EMAS – a combined eco-management and audit scheme

Since 2019
Our Stockach site has been climate neutral

We are at the forefront of progress with climate-neutral milk, climate-neutral organic mineral water and a climate-neutral site – but this is just the beginning!

Climate protection – responsibility for generations

Each and every one of us can do our bit for environmental protection on a daily basis. However, we companies have a particular responsibility in this regard. Here at Gropper, we take this very seriously. We have set ambitious aims for ourselves: we want to make ever more products and ever more sites climate neutral.

Climate neutrality means that CO2 emissions have to be

  • recorded
  • avoided
  • reduced
  • offset if unavoidable

You really have to go into detail here, so we are delighted that dedicated staff at our sites put their heart and soul into working on this. We call them our environmental ambassadors. And their successes are already evident!

Climate-neutral milk: reducing and offsetting CO2

From the cow to the retailer’s cold storage facility, the emissions relating to our dairy’s first climate-neutral product, climate-neutral milk, are recorded. The aim is to avoid and reduce as many emissions as possible along the entire process chain. We offset the remaining CO2 emissions that still exist after our reduction measures by purchasing emission credits. This is backed by concrete climate protection projects certified by international standards. In addition, we get involved by planting trees in Germany and promoting the formation of humus.

Incidentally: 80% of the milk at Gropper is sourced from within a 50 kilometre radius – and this relates to all products, not just the climate-neutral milk. The short distances from the farmers to the dairy are good for the environment.

Producing environmentally friendly fruit juice: the Stockach site

The operation of our plants alone generates CO2 emissions. From the refrigeration systems to the photocopiers – everything uses energy. There are many examples of intelligent ways in which we can vastly reduce the amounts of energy consumed and CO2 generated:

  • Using electricity from renewable energies
  • Recovering energy from process heat to use for heating
  • Effectively insulating the high-bay warehouse to enable efficient cooling
  • And many more!

Since 1 January 2020, our Stockach plant where we produce fruit juice has been climate neutral: our staff calculated all emissions, external inspectors reviewed the calculations and all CO2 emissions were offset with project partners.

Climate neutrality: transparently presented on the product itself

Climate projects by QR code – this is possible on our climate-neutral, organic mineral water. By scanning the QR code, consumers can directly access the website of our offsetting service provider ClimatePartner, where they can discover the projects that make rieser URWASSER climate neutral:  

Our environmental statement

Read our environmental statement and find out more about Gropper’s commitment and responsible conduct.

Environmental statement

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