Packaging development

Packaging development

Life is colourful!

The expectations of today’s consumers are diverse and often surprising. That is why we strive to always stay current in order to create innovative products. Not only do we develop the right product concept for the consumer on behalf of individual customers, we also identify future needs as early as possible. That is how we create individual product concepts, ranging from convenience products for on the go to functional high protein and low fat value-added concepts.

Less is more

In the development of new packaging concepts, we not only consider the look and functionality. For the benefit of our customers, we also pay attention to reducing costs and saving resources. Here we place a special emphasis on the good recyclability of packaging and the highest possible proportion of secondary raw materials. Beyond reducing the packaging weight of PET bottles, we have succeeded in reducing plastic consumption by 15 per cent. That saves the environment 60 tons of PET per year. We have also been working for a long time on increasing the proportion of recycled materials in PET bottles. Today our transparent PET bottles are already made with 50 per cent recycled material.

The moment of truth

A plethora of products vies for consumer attention in the refrigerated section. That is why standing out is important. Yet an attractive appearance alone is not enough. Packaging also has to inform the consumer about the contents – especially with trade brands, where the packaging is the main communicator! This is where we truly come into our own. With sophisticated packaging developments, we transform any packaging into something unique.

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