“We’d be lost without the cows that deliver the milk for the best Gropper products day in, day out. We assume responsibility towards them too. That’s why Gropper is Germany’s largest processor of milk with an animal welfare label.”

Heinrich Gropper

Our milestones for better animal welfare

Since 2017
Gropper has processed milk with the basic-level “Für mehr Tierschutz” (“For better animal welfare”) label

Since 2018
The company Moers Frischeprodukte, a joint venture between Gropper and Dr. Oetker, has processed milk with the premium-level “Für mehr Tierschutz” label

Gropper is Germany’s largest processor of animal welfare milk

The “Für mehr Tierschutz” label

When buying milk, shoppers want to instantly be able to see if the cows from which it came are kept under good conditions. In Germany, the “Für mehr Tierschutz” (“For better animal welfare”) label helps to indicate this. The benefits:

  • Farmers receive a higher price per litre for milk with an animal welfare label
  • Consumers can find the products they want
  • Retailers can meet buyers’ demands and enjoy satisfied customers

Above all though, it is good for the cows!

A question of animal husbandry – improving animal welfare in sheds

The “Für mehr Tierschutz” label was created as part of an initiative by the University of Göttingen. For each animal species, experts developed special criteria at two levels. The premium level, indicated by two stars, means that dairy cows have a guaranteed outdoor exercise area and can be put out to pasture in the summer. However, both levels of the label indicate that the cows enjoy better shed conditions too:

  • More space
  • Greater comfort
  • Better health

Click here to find out more about what the basic-level “Für mehr Tierschutz” label offers to cows. The premium-level benefits can be found here. (Please note that this information is only available in German.)

The animal welfare label for Germany – Gropper is on board

In 2011, the German Animal Welfare Federation took over responsibility for the “Für mehr Tierschutz” label from the University of Göttingen. Since then, the label has been further developed by an advisory board comprising representatives from science, society, organic agriculture, marketing and retail. One announced and two unannounced inspections are performed at all participating farms every year.

Gropper has offered products made from milk that are certified with the animal welfare label since 2017. Today, it processes more unpasteurised milk with the “Für mehr Tierschutz” label than any other company in Germany.

Our environmental statement

Read our environmental statement and find out more about Gropper’s commitment and responsible conduct.

Environmental statement

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