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Dairy Gropper expands capacity

Gropper company headquarters, Bissingen

Gropper are currently investing in the expansion of their company headquarters in Bissingen. One more part of the building has recently been completed, housing the new canteen, office spaces, and dressing rooms. This expansion was necessary in light of the strong growth the company has experienced in recent years. More than 650 employees currently work at the Bissingen location. Additionally, Gropper are currently planning to expand the existing high rack warehouse in order to create more space and flexibility for production peaks. 

In 2017, the private label specialist is on track to meet the challenges posed by its growth over recent years and an increasingly complex industry. “We achieved a lot in 2016 –  in Bissingen alone, we filled one billion units. However, the intensive production load has demanded a lot from our employees and our location. Therefore, we are continuously working on employee satisfaction and high-capacity production,” says Heinrich Gropper. With the expansion of the high rack warehouse, Gropper will create space for additional 5,177 palettes. The expanded warehouse will measure 65 metres in length, 23 metres in width, and 29 metres in height. The new building application has already been approved by the Bissingen municipal council. The project requires investments totalling around seven million Euros.

In the meantime, the expansion of the common rooms has been completed and the new canteen is now open. On March 6, Gropper opened the doors of their new canteen. The new building received a very warm welcome from the employees. Not surprisingly, as the canteen offers delicious and balanced nutrition, and is meant to be a place for colleagues to meet and spend time together. The completed common rooms include 270 changing facilities. The current expansion of their location allows Gropper to play an active role in their growth in Bissingen and make targeted investments in the development of the family business for the future.

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