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Gropper Christmas truckers bring Christmas packages to families in Albania

Gropper Christmas truckers: Alfred Stimpfle and Heinz Schreitmüller

As part of our "Gropper's Helping Hand" campaign, this year the dairy is again supporting the "Johanniter-Weihnachtstrucker" donation drive. In order to show solidarity and hope, the many collection centres of the Johanniter organisation across Bavaria were again collecting packages through 23 December. This year, Gropper also took part within the context of a donation drive and by providing the support of both Gropper Christmas truckers. The donation drive collected €1,687 from our employees. The Management of Gropper rounded off this sum by making a generous donation to take the total to over €3,000. This year, the destination of these packages is Albania, where many families will be thrilled to receive these Christmas packages.

Thanks to the generous donations collected in the company in recent weeks, over 180 Christmas packages were filled with everyday items. "It's great to see how enthusiastic our employees are about getting involved in such a great cause, how much they have donated, and that so many packages are now on the way to Albania with our Christmas truckers," explained Heinrich Gropper, owner of the dairy. The packages primarily consist of basic food and hygiene items – things that people in Albania really need.

Gropper employees Heinz Schreitmüller and Alfred Stimpfle set off on the long road to Albania on Boxing Day to bring these joyful surprises to families in need. The tremendous commitment of both of our volunteer Christmas truckers has once again made this idea a reality. However, missing out on this journey is out of the question for these employees. "It's always fun being able to bring joy to others. In particular during the holiday season, we should think about those people who aren't as fortunate as we are," said Heinz Schreitmüller. A total of 180 packages bursting at the seams reached their destination on 28 December. The dairy’s donation drive and the personal efforts of both Christmas truckers in the “Gropper's helping hand campaign” are ensuring that families in Albania have a Merry Christmas.

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